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Re: dnsutils fixed in unstable

On Thu, Mar 14, 2002 at 01:13:10PM -0800, Grant Grundler wrote:
> I forgot my c3k is probably running unstable...so I was surprised when
> I got to work and "dig" segfaulted on my B180. Wasn't fixed in woody.
> I think a critical bug needs to be filed against woody version
> of dnsutils (or it's lib) to get the sid version "promoted"
> to woody. Can a bonafide debian developer confirm?
> (file debian bugs at: http://bugs.debian.org)

No, that is not proper procedure to get a package promoted to testing.
The best thing to do is send mail to the maintainer of that package (oh,
look, it's bdale :-) and let them deal with it.

> Anyway, I don't have the impression it's a parisc-linux kernel bug
> this bug doesn't belong in bugs.parisc-linux.org bug tracker.

Agreed.  Let's close it.

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