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NIS problems, window movement hangs, bright screen.


I've just got my 712/80 running with the latest Debian Woody packages and all is
well (though slow...) except for a couple of problems.

Firstly, I can't get the machine to work as a NIS client. I'm seeing similar
problems with last years User Mode Linux releases, which were down to RT signal
non-implementation.Is this the same with PARISC-Linux?

Secondly, when I'm playing MP3s or OGGs with xmms,the sound is smooth (running
xmms reniced to -20) until I drag a window - sound stops until I release the
mouse button.

On a non-linux related point, my display seems to be excessively bright,leading
to washed out colours. I'm using an NEC Multisync XE15 monitor which works fine
with PCs. Even with brightness / contrast turned down to minimum on the monitor,
everything seems pale.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

Michael Pacey

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