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How do I make the autobuilder try again?

The gocr package has been changed to try to get it to compile on hppa
(check #135212), but the autobuilder do not want to try again.  Checking
<URL:http://buildd.debian.org/stats/?arch=hppa&state=Dep-Wait>, it
seems like it still believe it need to wait for a working ghostscript:

  graphics/gocr_0.3.4-8: Dep-Wait by buildd [optional:out-of-date]
    Dependencies: gs (>> 6.51-7)
    Previous state was Building until 2002 Jan 21 13:46:47
    Previous failing reasons:
      -------------------- 0.3.4-7 --------------------
      needs a working ghostscript
      -------------------- 0.3.4-6 --------------------
      fig2dev -L pcx -m 2 font2.fig font21.pcx
      Unrecoverable error: rangecheck in setscreen
      Operand stack:
      --nostringval--  0  -0.0

How can I get the autobuilder to try again?

BTW: I'm not on this list, so please copy any replies to me.

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