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Re: hppa -> x86 gdb cross debugger for oskit-mach

> Since I didn't exactly cross-compile oskit-mach
> or oskit, do I really need to make a i386-pc-unknown-gnu0.2
> cross debugger for oskit-mach? That target really isn't supported
> too well on the debian-hppa flavor of gdb.

For remote serial debugging, you just need some ELF-based target so gdb can
grok the executable's symbols.  The rest of the OS-specific code in gdb is
not relevant to the remote case.  So i386-linux, i386-elf, i386-freebsd, etc,
probably all work just the same for this purpose.  (Most people's actual
experience is with a native x86 GNU/Linux or native x86/FreeBSD gdb.)

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