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Re: hppa -> x86 gdb cross debugger for oskit-mach

Ok, I _do_ need to enable a cross-debugger. Here is
an excerpt from the info page for gdb.

    Configure GDB for cross-debugging programs running on the specified
    TARGET.  Without this option, GDB is configured to debug programs
    that run on the same machine (HOST) as GDB itself.

So I do in fact need this functionality if I want to use the hppa machine
to debug oskit-mach. I presume I will configure it for --target=i686-linux
as these were the options with which I built oskit-mach.

I feel like I'm boldly going where no one has gone before here... probably
sombody has built a i686-linux -> hppa-linux debugger before, but I
severely doubt the other way around. Especially since gdb hasn't even
made it into the hppa unstable distro yet.

- Doug

Previously, I wrote:

You know, I'm not sure I really need a cross-debugger at all.
It seems that gdb includes a whole bunch of targets. I'm
not sure where I got this idea that I needed to do this,
but I think it may be wrong.
> Since I didn't exactly cross-compile oskit-mach
> or oskit, do I really need to make a i386-pc-unknown-gnu0.2
> cross debugger for oskit-mach? That target really isn't supported
> too well on the debian-hppa flavor of gdb.

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