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Re: HIL keyboard not found - how to use serial

Bill Ferguson wrote:
> Press the TOC button on the right side of the box while booting (aprox 10 
> seconds) and it will automatically go to the serial connection.  Just a bit 
> of knowledge Grant passed on to me.

For reason, I thought disconnecting the keyboard would also force
the system to use serial...but I vaguely recall someone reporting
that didn't work for them.

> If you figure out how to bring the STI console online, let me know.

> PS: Aren't the cables to HIL "polarized" eg they have markings to plug 
> desiginate which end goes into the computer and the other end into the 
> HIL?


> I remember reading something about 1 dot and 2 dots somewhere.  Could 
> those be reversed on your machine?

Not likely or I doubt HPUX would work on those boxes either.

> I have a HIL to PS/2 converter on my box.

IIRC, 715/new (maybe only the /100) requires that box.


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