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Re: HIL keyboard not found - how to use serial

I boot my 715 on a serial cable connection to my Jornada 720 running the application vxHPC for the serial console under windows CE. Works nicely.

Press the TOC button on the right side of the box while booting (aprox 10 seconds) and it will automatically go to the serial connection. Just a bit of knowledge Grant passed on to me.

If you figure out how to bring the STI console online, let me know.

PS: Aren't the cables to HIL "polarized" eg they have markings to plug desiginate which end goes into the computer and the other end into the HIL? I remember reading something about 1 dot and 2 dots somewhere. Could those be reversed on your machine? I have a HIL to PS/2 converter on my box.

At 02:42 PM 1/23/2002, you wrote:
Hello (again):

The dozen or so 715/75's that we're trying to get running satisfactorily
don't always find the HIL keyboard at boot time.  In fact, some are
most insistent that it does not exist.  Presumably, this is due to
some electrical contact problem, but we haven't yet confirmed that.
The previous owner assured me that there never had been such a problem
experienced using HP-UX.

Consequently, if something goes wrong at boot time, the only option
is to hit the power button, which leaves the disc in a sorry state.
The next boot then prompts one to sign on as root to fix the disc -
which without a keyboard is rather difficult.

It occurred to me that using a serial console would be "very smart".

My question then is, if I follow the instructions for using a serial
console that Thomas Marteau gave in his Boot HOWTO, will I be able to
correct all such disc problems as they occur, or not?

It is my intention to try this, possibly before the weekend, but I
thought it prudent to make the inquiry now in case there are additional
considerations of which list readers are aware.

I await your comments, and thanks.


                                Dean Provins
                dprovins@ucalgary.ca,  provinsd@telusplanet.net
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