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Re: HIL keyboard not found - how to use serial

On Wed, 23 Jan 2002, Dean Allen Provins wrote:

> The dozen or so 715/75's that we're trying to get running satisfactorily
> don't always find the HIL keyboard at boot time.  In fact, some are
> most insistent that it does not exist.  Presumably, this is due to
> some electrical contact problem, but we haven't yet confirmed that.
> The previous owner assured me that there never had been such a problem
> experienced using HP-UX.

I have this same problem on a 735/99 that I tried installing to not too
long ago.  It still boots and runs HP-UX with no keyboard problems, and
I've checked the contacts several times.  Just letting you know that
you're not alone :-)

Unfortunately for me, it's not possible for me to run with a serial
console on this machine for a number of reasons (which are all logistical,
not Linux issues), so I guess it's an HP-UX machine for a bit longer...


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