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Re: Request help on activating STI console on 715/80 with Kernel 2.4.9-32

Hi List, I still have a few questions maybe somebody knows...
[ Regarding "If this is the last message you see..." ]

Maybe I need to compile a kernel then. Is the debian hppa kernel source
package available? I seem to remember reading that the kernel had to
be patched to get it to compile, or has that been fixed?

Should or does hppa use a kernel framebuffer? Can I use both graphics cards?

What does the "sti" in "sti_console" supposedly abbreviate? :-)

BTW, I have a HIL keyboard attached, which is an unfamiliar feeling kb
for me, but it seems to work nevertheless. It has a spot where you can
piggyback a mouse on it, which I have a HIL mouse here too.

- Doug

Michael Wood wrote:

add tty0 to inittab, and my /dev/tty0 was rw------- but is now rw-rw-rw-


This is not an answer to your question, but you should never
have your /dev/tty* devices world read/write.

Use mode 660 instead if 600 doesn't work.

Yeah, I juess I better set them back since it didn't help.

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