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Request help on activating STI console on 715/80 with Kernel 2.4.9-32

Hi List!

I just downloaded and tested the new palinux-0.9.3-rc5.iso image
that was mentioned yesterday on this list. I was unable to get a boot
using the graphics.11 console; however it appeared to work fine using
my HP 700/60 dumb terminal in vt220 mode on rs232.9600.8.n

I didn't do a full install since I already have my debian-hppa working
and can just upgrade it with dselect and apt, but I did install the newer

The new vmlinux-2.4.9-32 works fine in serial console mode, but when
I try to boot up to graphics.11, I get the "If this is the last message you
see then you should check the FAQ... common problem... etc." At this
point the gray bootup screen half overlays the console text; i.e. you can
see both at the same time, and nothing further is displayed on the monitor.

Fortunately, I still get a login on ttyS0. Yes I have enabled getty for tty0 and tty1 in inittab and tried both tty0 and tty1 from the palo IPL bootup menu. I had to
add tty0 to inittab, and my /dev/tty0 was rw------- but is now rw-rw-rw-

My system has two graphics cards, and I want to use the "original" stock card for now, as my ancient AcerVier 33D can't handle the sync rates of the second
video card.

Any hints or tips?

- Doug (The_Dougster)

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