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Re: gcc/g++/g77: Do I need to enforce -3.0 or not?

On Wed, Dec 05, 2001 at 01:33:22PM -0800, Randolph Chung wrote:
> > Now I am even more confused than before. So I need g++-3.0 and gcc-3.0 but
> > /not/ g77-3.0?   That strikes as rather illogical.
> gcc/g++ are considered "build-essential", so they are always installed
> -- that is, the default versions of gcc/g++ (3.0 for hppa, 2.96 for
> ia64, etc) are always installed. If you want something different, then
> you need to specify e.g. g++-3.0

Yes, I know, and I act accordingly on ia64. 

> OTOH, there is no default fortran compiler in build-essential, so you
> need to specify g77 explicitly. If you *need* g77-3.0, then you should
> build-dep g77-3.0 and specifically use g77-3.0 (and not just g77) in
> your build process.

I did precisely that, but then called g77 from debian/rules. 

Willy and I sorted this out with a follow-up mail.  Not doing anything
special should do the Right Thing -- via gcc, g++, g77 leading to their -3.0
sibling on hppa.

> Incidentally, the new gcc 2.96 compiler seems to fix the ia64 buidl
> problems with r-base, so a specific versionoverride might no longer be
> necessary.

Well, do you a) have hard evidence or is this hearsay and b) it now works
with the -3,0 version so why change things?


Good judgment comes from experience; experience comes from bad judgment. 
							    -- F. Brooks

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