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Re: Debian hppa / hurd project :-)

Hi Matt, thanks for the punctual reply,

I will snag up your sources and make the build. I'm not an official
debian developer, so I'm not really concerned about the details of
your package. The only one I ever managed to make yet was a
glx-dummy package that lets me install opengl debs with my
nvidia card on the x86 box.

I am a lot more comfortable doing builds from tarballs anyways,
my x86 debian 2.2 system is so modified that I will be screwed
when I switch it to woody. All of my opengl stuff is slackware.

One of these days I really should become a real debian developer
but I am just hammered by student loans, work, new baby etc. I
am one of the original debian users, I used debian 0.97 or some
such way back in 1993 on my 386! It took me seven more years
to get my mechanical engineering degree, and I am still trying to
catch up, it was a big sacrifice to complete the program.

On the other side, I can write programs that totally befuddle most
of the MIS lusers where I work. Python rules, Ada is the future,
and GtkAda - tis the finest! ( They goggle at elvis running under
cygwin on my win2k work box, no clue whatsoever  :-)

Matt Taggart wrote:

task. To my suprise, the debian-hppa distro does not include

I have also produced a Debian package by installing to pseudoroot, tar'ing it
up and using alien to convert it. It's not pretty but it works. This package
is available at,


Ok, I'll snag it. Thanks bunches!

Furthermore, I need a cross-debugger, specifically I need
an hppa -> X86 gdb cross debugger.

I think you'll need to build your own from pehc cvs then.

No problem, I'll put it through the wringer, heh heh...

- Doug

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