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Re: Debian hppa / hurd project :-)

"B. Douglas Hilton" writes...

> To this end, I purchased a 715/80 box and loaded up Woody
> on it thinking (perhaps naively) that this would be an easy
> task. To my suprise, the debian-hppa distro does not include
> gdb.

gdb has not been merged upstream yet making inclusion in the Debian package
difficult. However, hppa-linux support is in pehc cvs(see the parisc-linux.org
web page for details).

I have also produced a Debian package by installing to pseudoroot, tar'ing it
up and using alien to convert it. It's not pretty but it works. This package
is available at,


> Furthermore, I need a cross-debugger, specifically I need
> an hppa -> X86 gdb cross debugger.

I think you'll need to build your own from pehc cvs then.

> And finally, I couldn't build gdb for hppa last time I tried,
> I tried gdb 4.X, not 5 ( which I will try sometime soon ).
> gdb complained that hppa-hp-linux-gnu was not a supported
> platform, is it supported in gdb 5?

No, as I said above, no upstream version of gdb contains the hppa-linux
support currently.

Matt Taggart        Linux Development Lab
taggart@fc.hp.com   HP Linux Systems Operation

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