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Debian hppa / hurd project :-)

I seem to have gotten myself into something of a situation.
Here are the details:

Background: I may be the only Hurd developer who has an
   SMP box at this time. My wish is to help Roland debug the
   OSKit-Mach microkernel for Hurd in SMP mode using
   the GNU gdb debugger in serial mode.

To this end, I purchased a 715/80 box and loaded up Woody
on it thinking (perhaps naively) that this would be an easy
task. To my suprise, the debian-hppa distro does not include
gdb. I do have a 486 laptop with Debian 2.0 on it, but I gave
it to my wife and don't want to requisition it if at all possible.

Furthermore, I need a cross-debugger, specifically I need
an hppa -> X86 gdb cross debugger.

And finally, I couldn't build gdb for hppa last time I tried,
I tried gdb 4.X, not 5 ( which I will try sometime soon ).

gdb complained that hppa-hp-linux-gnu was not a supported
platform, is it supported in gdb 5?

Thanks for any help in this matter,
- Doug

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