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Re: Micro-HOWTO debian-hppa on 715/80 with serial console & cdrom

On Sat, Sep 01, 2001 at 07:15:12PM -0400, B. Douglas Hilton wrote:
> Hardware:
>    1 used HP 715/80 with 32M RAM, 1Gb, cd-rom ( from Ebay )
>    1 salvaged HP 700/60 dumb terminal ( vt220 emulation )

By the way, the STI console works quite well on the 715/80,
if you have a suitable monitor.

>    1 DB15 joystick extension cable ~AUI ( from cablesnmor )

Hmm.. Glad this works. I thought the specs said you should never
run a cable between the transceiver and the AUI port. Just plug
the transceiver directly on to the back of the machine.

>         Device Path        Device Type
>         ---------       ----------
>         scsi.2.0                TOSHIBA CD-ROM ....
>     So set your boot path.
>         path pri scsi.2.0
>     And boot!
>         boot

You can just 'boot scsi.2.0', instead of changing your primary path.
Then when you have to reboot later, you don't have to use the boot_admin
prompt again.

>     Login as root. Switch to /etc/apt and edit sources.list
>         vi sources.list

I found that with the 0.9 installation, nvi crashed the kernel very
promptly. Maybe this only occurs when using the STI console. Solution:
using the extra packages section of the CD, install vim before
editing sources.list.

>     Then upgrade the base system.
>         apt-get upgrade
>     This is where I am at currently.

'apt-get install build-essential' to install all of the development
tools if you're going to build packages.

Also, I found that I had to upgrade the kernel as the latest upgrades
won't work with the 0.9 one. The kernel will just panic at the end
of the boot process.

Hamish Moffatt VK3SB <hamish@debian.org> <hamish@cloud.net.au>

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