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X Windows under HP

Hi I have some questions (sorry for my english I'm french)

First I have an HP Apollo 715/100 with about 100 Mo RAM.
I finnally succed in installing linux on it after 4 CD burning,
can you make your .iso directly bootable please.

When i boot under Linux I have a specific harddrive for it,
sometimes and the end of the procedure when the login must
be displayed the system crash and I saw all the registry 
variables. I have the same problem with 'vi' when I press
ctrl-d when I am at the end of the document my linux crash.
Do you know that problem, is there a fix ?

When I installed my linux I saw there is a package naming
something like X-Windows-core.hppa.deb, there are also some
packages like xtris. I installed all these package.
I searched the XFreeConfig or Xstart or all the program with 
a 'X' and there are nothing.
So the question is:
- Is X Window supported on my system ???
- If yes what shall I do to run it ???
- I supposed the X Window is a modified version to run under
  HP. Am I rigth ?

Thank you.

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