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Re: X Windows under HP

Note: CC'd to parisc-linux@parisc-linux.org

On Wednesday 04 July 2001 10:11, colas.sebastien@free.fr wrote:
> First I have an HP Apollo 715/100 with about 100 Mo RAM.
> I finnally succed in installing linux on it after 4 CD burning,
> can you make your .iso directly bootable please.

All of our until now released iso images are and have been
bootable. Maybe you have problems booting the cd, because:

a) you have an "old" cdrom-drive, which can't handle burned cd's.
(I have the same problem here with a Philips PCA80SC cdrom-drive, 
which also doesn't seem to be able to read from a not-self-burned 
credit-card cd :-)
b) you have used a stupid windows program to burn your CD and 
didn't burned it 1:1.

> When i boot under Linux I have a specific harddrive for it,
> sometimes and the end of the procedure when the login must
> be displayed the system crash and I saw all the registry
> variables. I have the same problem with 'vi' when I press
> ctrl-d when I am at the end of the document my linux crash.
> Do you know that problem, is there a fix ?

I have fixed the "vi"-problem in one of the latest kernel versions, but 
can't say you anything about your other problem.

> When I installed my linux I saw there is a package naming
> something like X-Windows-core.hppa.deb, there are also some
> packages like xtris. I installed all these package.
> I searched the XFreeConfig or Xstart or all the program with
> a 'X' and there are nothing.
> So the question is:
> - Is X Window supported on my system ???

Yes - But AFAIK the X-Framebuffer server (xfbdev) is the only supported 
one at this moment. Your 715/100 has an artist gfx chip, so it should work 
for you.

> - If yes what shall I do to run it ???

a) Install the latest kernel and make sure that stifb is activated and used!
b) Install the xserver-xfree86, xfonts*, xlibs*, xbase* and xutils packages
c) Since you have a 715/100 system I assume you have a HIL keyboard.
In this case you have to modify your /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 in the 
Option	"XkbdRules"	"xfree86"
Option	"XkbModel"	"hphil"
and insert the following "hphil" line to /etc/X11/xkb/rules/xfree86:
  hp            =       xfree86         pc(pc104)
  hphil         =       hp(hil)         hp(hil)	<--- Add this one !!
d) The HIL-mouse is not supported yet. Instead I attached a serial mouse
to one of the serial ports and modified /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 to use this
e) As graphic driver use the fbdev-driver in your "Device" section:
Driver	"fbdev"
f) Now you should be able to boot up the X server and use a simple 
window-manager like vtwm.

> - I supposed the X Window is a modified version to run under
>   HP. Am I rigth ?

No. But it may become true if we want to support other graphic chips in
newer HP systems.


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