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Re: Debian Weekly News - July 1st, 2001

* Bdale Garbee 

| joey@finlandia.infodrom.north.de (Martin Schulze) writes:
| > Some architechtures, such as the IA-64 processor
| > architechture, have been using GCC 3.0 from the get-go.
| This is not true.  It is hppa, not ia64, that uses only gcc-3.0.
| It is fairly easy to become confused about this, since many of the same people
| are contributing to both the hppa and ia64 ports in parallel.
| For ia64, we currently expect to ship for woody with 2.96+patches as the 
| default and 3.0 available as an alternative.  This is consistent with the
| rest of the ia64 community, but is of course subject to change before woody 
| is actually released.

Thanks - sorry for the error.  A correction is in today's news.


Tollef Fog Heen
You Can't Win

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