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non-US build status

5 out of date (pgp4pine, fetchmail-ssl, libapache-mod-ssl, postgresql,

4 not yet attempted (gphotocoll, krb4, netkit-telnet-ssl, uw-imap-ssl)

20 waiting for dependencies: [some may be available now, haven't checked]
ammonite -> libgconf-dev, liboaf-dev
gabber-ssl -> libglade-gnome0-dev libgal-dev libgtkmm-dev libgnomemm-dev
kdebase-crypto -> kdelibs-dev kdelibs-crypto
kdelibs-crypto -> kdelibs-dev
libpam-heimdal -> heimdal-dev
libpam-openafs-session -> libopenafs-dev
libpgsql-ruby -> ruby ruby-dev
libssrp -> doxygen
lsh-utils -> libgmp3-dev guile1.4-slib | scsh
mailsync -> libc-client-ssl2000-dev
mcrypt -> libmcrypt-dev, libmhash-dev
nessus-core -> nessus-libraries
nessus-plugins -> nessus-libraries
openafs-krb5 -> libopenafs-dev
php3-pgsql -> php3-dev
pike7-crypto -> lots of depends, not tried yet.
radiusd-freeradius -> libltdl0-dev libsnmp4.2-dev
stunnel -> sdf
w3m-ssl -> libgc5-dev
w3mmee-ssl -> libgc5-dev

31 problem packages:

althea -> c++ problems [patch filed]
arla is dependent on 2.0.36 (?)
beecrypt needs new config.{guess,sub} [bug filed]
courier-ssl -> libmysqlclient10-dev
cyrus-sasl-nonus -> config.{guess,sub} [bug filed]
ddt -> libstdc++ namespace issues. [bug filed]
dsniff -> struct ether_addr not defined (include problem? compiles on x86?)
erlang -> config.{guess,sub}, probably other problems. [bug filed]
gpgme -> config.{guess,sub} [bug filed]
heimdal -> config.{guess,sub} [bug filed]
libcrypt-blowfish-perl -> dpkg-gencontrol problem
libmcrypt -> config.{guess,sub} [bug filed]
libnasl -> config.{guess,sub} [bug filed]
libnss-lwres -> config.{guess,sub} [bug filed]
libpam-sfs -> sfs-dev, config.{sub,guess} [bug filed]
licq-ssl -> config.{guess,sub} [bug filed]
nessus-libraries -> config.{sub,guess} [bug filed]
openafs -> needs porting?
pavuk -> config.{guess,sub} [bug filed]
pidentd-des -> config.{guess,sub} [bug filed]
postal -> c++ problems [patch filed]
proftpd -> libmysqlclient-dev, config.{guess,sub} [bug filed]
sfs -> c++ problems [partial patch accepted upstream]
sylpheed -> libcompfaceg1-dev, libgpgme-dev
tinc -> config.{guess,sub} [bug filed]
trilobite -> config.{guess,sub} [bug filed]
tripwire -> needs porting.
tunnelv -> c++ problems [patch filed]
w3c-libwww-ssl -> config.{sub,guess} [bug filed]
zip-crypt -> printf [patch accepted upstream]
zmailer-ssl -> fails to build

It's always legal to use Linux (TM) systems

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