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Re: Version 0.9 of PA-RISC Linux Released

On Sun, Jun 03, 2001 at 11:27:56PM -0500, Michael S. Zick wrote:
> Well, gee - I didn't know it wasn't supposed to work on a 720.

It's come up on the mailing list before, and we have a search engine
for the mailing list.  Maybe this should be displayed more prominently
on the website.

> Would you swap me an e3000 for my hp9000/720?

heh... i don't have any e3000 machines :-)

> Or should I try to fix this problem myself?

If you want to try to fix some or any of these problems, please do.
I'd hold off on the ASP problem, that seems to have a little bit of
attention from other people.  the trap 18 doesn't have anyone looking
at it right now.

> Or should I just wait?

That's a viable option; there's a lot of people with 705/710/720/730/750
machines out there and eventually someone will do it.  It'll happen
sooner if you help, of course :-)

> SCSI and LAN - How about the EISA BA?
> Note: The 9000/720 did not come standard with an EISA BA - it was an 
> option - but my box has the option (no card in slot thought).

I don't know.  Does anyone else?

> That sounds like a well defined problem - where can I get an assembly language
> guide and internal arch. description for the PA-RISC1.1(c I believe - could be
> anything from a-z)?


1.1a	PCXS	PA7000
1.1b	PCXT	PA7100
1.1c	PCXL	PA7100LC
1.1d	PCXT'	PA7200
1.1e	PCXL2	PA7300LC
2.0	PCXU	PA8000
2.0	PCXU+	PA8200
2.0	PCXW	PA8500
2.0	PCXW+	PA8600
2.0	PCXW2	PA8700

There's a big pile of information on the `documentation' page on the
website; anything beyond that which you need, just ask.

> I did read the warnings that it might not work on anything older than what was
> available for testing.  So I am not complaining, just asking for help and/or 
> information.

Sure, this information should be more prominently displayed..

Revolutions do not require corporate support.

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