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Re: Version 0.9 of PA-RISC Linux Released

On Sun, Jun 03, 2001 at 09:42:11PM -0500, Michael S. Zick wrote:
> Hi Folks -
> Sub-Title this one: Adventures in running V0.9 on a HP9000/720 box:

Well, 720 is explicitly mentioned as not yet being supported.  There seems
to be a bug in the ASP driver, so SCSI and LAN don't work.  In addition,
the trap handler needs another case to handle 720 & family (traps 26,
27 and 28 are reported as trap 18 on this cpu, and which one needs to be
distinguished.  there's a hack around which assumes this is a page-fault,
but this will get you into an infinite loop in kernel space if user does
unaligned data reference instead).  Oh, and I hear a rumour that this
revision of the CPU does not allow user-space reads of %cr27, so we need
to write a handler for this machine, or use non-floating stacks in glibc.

> File: linux/drivers/char/console.c
> Function: void __init con_init
> Approx. lines 2455-2457
> 	call to register_console appears to never return - 
> The 9000/720 (at least mine) has a SGC display reported by the inventory list.
> Changing the passed command line (with IPL editor) to: console=ttyB
> (which specifies the PDC console functions) seems to by-pass the above code

Sounds like a bug in the STI code too then... helge, did you want a 720
or 730 to play with?  :-)

> I had been trouble shooting a number of different things in the LASI-SEM700
> scsi driver for the 53c7xx (yes, the 9000/720 has the oldest controller
> available).
> The driver was reporting "unable to obtain consistant DMA memory" - among
> other strange and mysterious things.
> Only recently did I notice that the ethernet driver is reporting the same thing -

That's expected behaviour.  Richard, could we change the printk?
It's clearly confusing our users -- this is not the first bug report
we've received about it.  How about making it print "using explicit
DMA coherency mode" instead?  [other suggestions for proper wording

> The printer port driver is reporting (interrupt driven mode) - is the printer port on
> the 720 DMA capable?

Don't know.  Can't say I've tried the parallel port myself on any machine.

> Note: All work is being done XC(x86) - the 720 disk was wiped clean
> before I got the machine.  So I have to get it running before I can
> trouble shoot why it isn't running with the native mode toolset.

I'm still xcompiling my kernels :-)  I know it's a stable build
environment, and up until jsm & alan modra found the most recent bug,
it had no known bugs...

> Yes - I am using the most recent XC-... things available from your site.

The bug only affects 64-bit kernels, so don't worry about it.

> PS: Is any work being done at the work station end?  Such as an 80960
> X-client?  This system came with two workstations - a HP 700/RX (model
> C2708A) and a HP Envizex, aSeries (model C2731A).

I can't say that I know those systems... these are old X terminals based on
the i960 processor?  If so, I'm not aware of any work being done on these.
I'll put them on my list, right after the m88k port :-)

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