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Re: Version 0.9 of PA-RISC Linux Released

Hi Folks -
Sub-Title this one: Adventures in running V0.9 on a HP9000/720 box:

1) I had been working with V0.6 and CVS snapshot of 05/25/2001 when this notice arrived.
Great - Gotta get that! -- 18 hours later, got it.  (very slow modem connection to a backwoods ISP).
2) Now make some working room - throw out (almost) all of that old stuff.
3) Mount new ISO image - What, no new ISO image! *&^%$#$% 

V0.9 ISO - Test one: it deletes just fine.
Now repeat step 1).

xx hours later - it's here (I will not delete this copy, I know that works).

Now, will it run "out of the box" - well, out of the things in the ISO anyway?

V0.9 ISO - Test two: Nope, not on a Model 720

Ok, so will it build "out of the box" and then run?

V0.9 ISO - Test three: Nope - the /devel directory is gone.

4) Turn loose ncFTP daemon clinet loose on cvs - get current snapshots, 
being optimistic - get the new (hppa) native stuff also.

5) Meanwhile - what things of possible use can I say, well there are some similarities
between the "boxed" 32STI vmlinux and what I have found to date:

File: linux/arch/parisc/kernel/setup.c
Function: void __init setup_console....
Approx. lines 332-335
	printk ->
	arg[0] -> free_memory start
	arg[1] -> passed command line (from palo/ipl/ipl.c - Funciton: static void join
	arg[2] -> initrd start
	arg[3] -> initrd end
The values shown for arg[0] and arg[1] are the same - does this indicate a problem?
The passed command line (after copy from arg[1]) prints correctly.

File: linux/drivers/char/console.c
Function: void __init con_init
Approx. lines 2455-2457
	call to register_console appears to never return - 
The 9000/720 (at least mine) has a SGC display reported by the inventory list.
Changing the passed command line (with IPL editor) to: console=ttyB
(which specifies the PDC console functions) seems to by-pass the above code
and things proceed until this kernel gets into the same troubles that I was working on:

I had been trouble shooting a number of different things in the LASI-SEM700 scsi
driver for the 53c7xx (yes, the 9000/720 has the oldest controller available).

The driver was reporting "unable to obtain consistant DMA memory" - among other
strange and mysterious things.
Only recently did I notice that the ethernet driver is reporting the same thing -

The printer port driver is reporting (interrupt driven mode) - is the printer port on
the 720 DMA capable?

So my next step will be to quit looking only at the SCSI driver and start looking 
for something common to the same problem reports from two different drivers.

Note: All work is being done XC(x86) - the 720 disk was wiped clean before I got the
machine.  So I have to get it running before I can trouble shoot why it isn't running 
with the native mode toolset.

Yes - I am using the most recent XC-... things available from your site.

Any suggestions?
HELP !?!

PS: Is any work being done at the work station end?  Such as an 80960 X-client?  This
system came with two workstations - a HP 700/RX (model C2708A) and a HP
Envizex, aSeries (model C2731A).

PPS: A note on used equipment - I know this system was working (under HP-UX)
until it was shut down, the day before I bought it from a second-hand store.


On Thu, 31 May 2001, Matt Taggart wrote:
> Version 0.9 of PA-RISC Linux Released
> On May 31, 2001 the PA-RISC Linux development community released version
> 0.9, the latest version of Linux for computers using Hewlett Packard's
> PA-RISC processor. This release is the result of several years of work by
> developers in the Free Software community including developers from The
> Debian Project, Hewlett Packard, and Linuxcare.
> - Latest Debian Installer 
> - Support for 32 and 64 bit systems 
> - Over 4000 Debian packages 
> - Full development environment 
> - Support for large memory (up to 16GB)
> - Ability to use Debian's apt tool to update to the latest
>     package versions
> The 0.9 release install CDROM images and related documentation can be found at
> http://parisc-linux.org/release-0.9/
> Information about PA-RISC Linux is available at
> http://parisc-linux.org/
> Any questions or comments about the release should be directed to the
> mailing list at
> parisc-linux@parisc-linux.org
> -- 
> Matt Taggart        Linux Development Lab
> taggart@fc.hp.com   HP Linux Systems Operation
> --  
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> with a subject of "unsubscribe". Trouble? Contact listmaster@lists.debian.org

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