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binary only NMUs


As of today katie now does fascist source-must-exist checking and you
guys are the first to get bitten by it! :->

Please follow the bin-only NMU versioning scheme laid out in the
developers reference so your packages can be processed, i.e. foo_2.3-4
becomes foo_2.3-4.0.1 etc.  

At the time of writing there are 3 packages in incoming which will be

| analog_5.0-
| SKIP (too new)
| Rejected: no source version (1:5.0- [or 1:5.0-2.0.1]) found in unstable for analog (analog_5.0-

Should be 5.0-2.0.1.
The next two are made more interesting by the fact that's there's
already poorly named binary-only HPPA NMUs in the archive for them.

| cyrus-imapd_1.5.19-7-1.0.1_hppa.changes
| SKIP (too new)
| Rejected: no source version (1.5.19-7-1.0.1 [or 1.5.19-7-1]) found in unstable for cyrus-imapd (cyrus-nntp_1.5.19-7-1.0.1_hppa.deb).

Should be 1.5.19-7.1.1. 
| jade_1.2.1-18-1.0.1_hppa.changes
| SKIP (too new)
| Rejected: no source version (1.2.1-18-1.0.1 [or 1.2.1-18-1]) found in unstable for jade (libsp1-dev_1.3.4-1.2.1-18-1.0.1_hppa.deb).

Should be 1.2.1-18.1.1


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