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hp 715/50


I've been a member of debian-sparc and laptop lists for a while (got a
toshiba 200mmx and a sparc IPX & classic, just love those little boxes!)
and have this hp box lying around (apollo 715/50), never used it, its
too big for a doorstop (unlike the classic).  Anyway on a more serious
note this thing appears to perform 4 times faster in floating point
tests than the classic!

My spare scsi disk is 170mb and I have no ram (or monitor), I think
these things came out with ecc dram.  Does anyone know whether this
thing can take cheap pc ram and if so what type?

Looking forward to using this thing to do some debugging with gdb to
assist with the effort.

Are the binary's compiled with debugging symbols?

Is it easy to set up a cross compiler?


Peter Firmstone.

B. Mech. Engineering.

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