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Re: booting an hp 712/60 (just dumb newbie questions)

James Waterhouse said:
> Hello,
> Do you have to do anything special to get the machine to boot? Typing
> "boot" at the boot_admin prompt should do it right (if the boot device
> is set properly)? It is just that I thought HP-UX was on the hard
> drive but typing "boot" does nothing except get you the welcome screen
> (or whatever) and then throws you back into the boot_admin. I must
> therefore assume that there is nothing of the hard drive. Is there
> anyway of making sure though?
> James

At the boot admin prompt, you can perform a search for bootable devices.
That will just show up all the _potentially_ bootable devices, ie all
hard disks and CDROM drives visible on the SCSI chain(s).  If you've
tried booting from each visible disk and you haven't gotten anywhere,
then you don't have a valid HP/UX installation ...


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