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Re: Still interested in maintaining singularity-container?

> > So, are you still interested in this package? If not, I'll drop you
> > from
> > the field in next upload -- so as to set reasonable expectations.
> I'm still interested, but still unable to attend it. So fair enough,
> feel
> free to remove me if you think that's the best as I'm unlikely to be
> able
> to spend any time on the package this year (or even longer), unless
> someone wants to sponsor the effort...

This is quite the familiar problem.

We like using singularity at my work, and I'd like to have it
available, but I am also struggling just to keep dask & numba
maintianed in Debian, and that's even with me understanding python far
better than go. So I'm not sure how much I can actually help...

And I'd agree upstream's political and business conflicts over who
controls what project is pretty confusing and frustrating.


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