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Re: opa-ff_10. is NEW

>>>>> "BS" == Brian Smith <bsmith@systemfabricworks.com> writes:

    BS> On Thu, Jun 14, 2018 at 9:38 AM, Roland Fehrenbacher
    BS> <rfehren@debian.org> wrote:
    >> >>>>> "BS" == Brian Smith <bsmith@systemfabricworks.com> writes:
    >> Hi Brian,
    BS> Greetings, It looks like the opa-ff salsa repository was set up
    BS> a few months ago, but the ITP was just sent 6/14/2018?  I am
    BS> doing a lot of work with Omni-Path and had this package on my
    BS> near-term list of things to do. So, hats off to Roland for
    BS> taking it off of my plate! :D
    >> I had this ready since January, but got distracted til now to
    >> really polish for upload. It's already part of Qlustar 10. Timely
    >> filing the ITP slipped through, sorry for that, but there wasn't
    >> one from you either :) Are the upstream d/dirs from you? Would be
    >> nice to either have them removed or moved into a subdirectory, so
    >> they are not in the way when packaging for Debian.

    BS> I'm not involved with the upstream development. My employer,
    BS> System Fabric Works, releases a version of IFS for Debian, but
    BS> it is developed in a similar fashion to how Debian package
    BS> maintenance is done.

I see.

    BS> Agreed, I did not file an ITP.

Same negligence on both our parts ...

    >> Now that you're familiar with the topic, it'd be nice if you
    >> could review/test and improve (where necessary) my stuff.
    BS> However, I would like to know if there are other pieces of the
    BS> Intel Fabric Suite Omni-Path software that anyone is working
    BS> on. I'm not trying to claim ownership, but it would be nice to
    BS> coordinate efforts.
    >> opa-fm is ready as well, am just in the process of finishing up
    >> and uploading. ITP is filed ...

    BS> Great! I pushed a few opa-ff packaging updates to debian/master
    BS> and patches to patch-queue/debian/master.

Great, thanks, will have a look asap.

    BS> I'm not sure how you were able to build opa-ff, as it specified
    BS> the unknown package ibacm-dev. I'm filing a bug against ibacm to
    BS> get ibacm-dev created.

Ah, this happens, when things are put aside for so long :) I had a rebuild
of rdma-core locally here with an included ibacm-dev to test opa-ff ...
Will push the relevant changes tomorrow and initiate an upload.

    BS> Regarding IFS-related ITPs, I think we need hfi1-diagtools-sw
    BS> for managing the HFI eprom and the OPA functionality will be
    BS> complete.

Good point. I don't have this on my list. If you want to work on this,
please file an ITP and open a salsa repo. I will help out when necessary.

    BS> Thoughts on:

    BS> * opaconfig - I don't believe this is needed. It's a helper
    BS>   script for
    BS> install and config. dpkg should be handling all of the
    BS> installation and automated configuration.


    BS> * opa-scripts - I don't believe this is needed. rdma-core is now
    BS> handling initialization of the RDMA stack.

Will look at it asap.



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