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Re: opa-ff_10. is NEW

>>>>> "BS" == Brian Smith <bsmith@systemfabricworks.com> writes:

Hi Brian,

    BS> Greetings, It looks like the opa-ff salsa repository was set up
    BS> a few months ago, but the ITP was just sent 6/14/2018?  I am
    BS> doing a lot of work with Omni-Path and had this package on my
    BS> near-term list of things to do. So, hats off to Roland for
    BS> taking it off of my plate! :D

I had this ready since January, but got distracted til now to really
polish for upload. It's already part of Qlustar 10. Timely filing the
ITP slipped through, sorry for that, but there wasn't one from you
either :) Are the upstream d/dirs from you? Would be nice to either have
them removed or moved into a subdirectory, so they are not in the way
when packaging for Debian.

Now that you're familiar with the topic, it'd be nice if you could
review/test and improve (where necessary) my stuff.

    BS> However, I would like to know if there are other pieces of the
    BS> Intel Fabric Suite Omni-Path software that anyone is working
    BS> on. I'm not trying to claim ownership, but it would be nice to
    BS> coordinate efforts.

opa-fm is ready as well, am just in the process of finishing up and
uploading. ITP is filed ...



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