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Re: status of gridengine

على الثلاثاء  8 أيار 2018 ‫23:42، كتب Daniel Povey:
> I'm not on those lists, but I'll try to remember to get on one of them
> and ask if anyone is interested.
> Someone here
> http://gridengine.org/pipermail/users/2018-April/010108.html
> asks if Dave Love is still maintaining it, and gets no response.

That's interesting. The person there mentioned patches for recent SSL.
Mark Hymers prepared some patches as well and Dave Love incorporated
them, but there wasn't a release since then.

The primary repository that Dave used seems to be down, but there is a
mirror on GitLab that remains: https://gitlab.com/loveshack/sge

If there is a continuation, I believe it should start from there.

Thanks and regards

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