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Re: RFS: libpsm2

On 14/12/2017 06:57, Brian Smith wrote:
> Hi Afif,
> Thank you for the preliminary comments and for taking a look at this.
> Re: amd64 architecture
> libpsm2 may very well compile on freebsd-amd64. However, the freebsd
> kernel has no hfi1 module at this point in time. Lacking kernel
> support, this package will be useless on that architecture. Also, I
> believe that upstream has no intent to support freebsd. Thoughts?

Inspecting the code reveals a few more limitations like:
1) ptl_am/cmarwu.c looks x86_64 specific (has specific ASM code)
2) various places in the code expects pointers to be __u64 compatible
3) support of sse4.2 is required

About the latter, it might be a good idea to build-depend on sse4.2-support
which exists only on architectures where it is supported (currently, any-amd64
and any-i386).



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