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Re: binNMUs for the transition


Am Montag, den 12.10.2015, 17:57 +0200 schrieb Sven Bartscher:
> I checked the build states of the packages in experimental and I thin
> the following binNMUs are needed:
> haskell-active: arm64 mips s390x (Build timeouts, maybe they work
> when
>     we give them back)
> haskell-warp-tls: arm64 (I think it was affected by the dependency
>     resolution problem and is still marked as failed)
> haskell-vector-algorithms: powerpc (GHC panicked. Maybe re-trying
>     will do the trick, otherwise someone needs to investigate)
> There are probably more problems, but I don't have the energy to
> continue looking for today. More bunches of binNMUs will follow soon.

all scheduled, thanks.

Erik fixed a few powerpc-related bugs upstream since 7.10.2, it might
be worth checking if they should be backported.


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