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Re: Best VCS layout for our packages?


Am Sonntag, den 28.06.2015, 05:26 +0300 schrieb Dmitry Bogatov:
> * Joachim Breitner <nomeata@debian.org> [2015-06-15 20:38:25+0200]
> >  C. One big repo, haskell-foo’s debian/ files in haskell
> > -foo/debian/
> > 
> > Having one repo has various advantages:
> >       [..]
> > But there are also disadvantages:
> >      [..]
> Seems that most of us are prefering this variant. I am going to play
> with it during next 48 hours. Is it something to base on around or
> someone who already started hacking on it?

I haven’t, if you want to give it a shot, that’d be great. I assume you
are talking about converting the darcs repos to a git repository.

I suggest to do it in a script, in case the result is not yet fully
what we we want and you need to change something early, so it is easy
to re-trace the steps.

Here is what I would do: 
 1. Fetch all darcs repositories from alioth, including those in 
 2. Convert all of them to git. The latest "darcs" has a "darcs export"
    command to do that.
 3. For each repository, use "git filter-branch" to move all old 
    commits everything to a debian/ subdirectory.
 4. Then use one of the tools mentioned in my mail from Jun 18 to
    combine the repositories into one.
 5. Use "git filter-branch" to put everything into a subdirectory "p/".
    I can imagine that we will later want to put non-package-things
    into that repository as well (e.g. the package plan, or simply
    tools required to work with the repository, or documentation)
    and it is nice to have space for that. Note that
   "dpkg-buildpackage" will spew out its result into that p/ directory.
 6. Add a commit that removes all packages that you took from old/
 7. Add a .gitignore to p/ that makes sure that everything is ignored
    in p/* and p/*/* with the exception of p/*/debian.
 8. Put it on alioth and let us see!

Enjoy the hacking!

Joachim "nomeata" Breitner
Debian Developer
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