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ghc-7.8 + ghc-mod + cabal-install 1.22 from stretch not playing together: ghc-mod complaining


I have been on this list for a quite a while, but quiet,
as I am really just a debian haskell user, not a debian developer
(ie. I develop Haskell code, but have never created any debian
packages so far). That being said, I am quite happy with
Haskell on Debian, and thanks a lot for all your great work.

I try to rely on debian haskell packages as much a I can,
(and to resort to hackage only for the things that have not
been debianized) for I find them well maintained, 
like to get occasional updates automatically, and don't want
to be bothered by installing everything by hand (from hackage).

This is especially true, for my infrastructure / tool chain:
I have happily always used eg. ghc from debian, as well as
cabal-install, ghc-mod

I am on stretch, and have thus recently received tons of updated
packages together with ghc 7.8.

While the transition from ghc 7.6 to 7.8 has been smooth for me,
if I am not mistaken: shortly after this main transition
I got a newer cabal-install as well, now

If I am using ghc-mod currently (on any haskell file in a small project
with a cabal file etc.):
$ ghc-mod check SigmaTypes.hs 
/home/rx/etc/pire/dist/setup-config: hGetContents: invalid argument (invalid byte sequence)

I am pretty sure that my cabal file is fine, and if I remember right,
there was a short period recently, where I had (from stretch):

  ghc 7.8 already
  but cabal-install still at 1.20

where I could rebuild my project, and ghc-mod would not complain.

According to 

ghc-mod and cabal-install 1.22 don't play well together.

But maybe it's just me experiencing these problems? Can anyone confirm
these issues?
  * in any haskell / cabal project of yours:
  * remove and recreate the sandbox
  * rebuild, ie. cabal install things from hackage, that are not in
  * and see if ghc-mod check complains on any haskell file

If it's only me, then I could of course give a more precise
details, paste some code etc

There are some workaround suggested on
  cabal install --constraint "Cabal < 1.22" cabal-install
I assume in my sandbox, not system wide (?), which I would rather
want to avoid if possible.

Anyway, as I expect ghc 7.8 to stay in stretch for a while, it would
be nice if the three: ghc, cabal-install, ghc-mod would play together


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