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Re: Help needed with lens testsuite

Joachim Breitner <nomeata@debian.org>:

> currently it does not:
>         ifeq ($(DEB_HOST_ARCH),sparc)
>         	# Disable tests that require SMP.
>         	DEB_SETUP_GHC_CONFIGURE_ARGS += -f-test-hunit -f-test-properties
>         endif
> but it could, like this:
>         ifeq ($(shell if [ ! -e /usr/lib/ghc/rts-1.0/libHSrts_thr.a ]; then echo 0; fi),0)
>         	# Disable tests that require SMP.
>         	DEB_SETUP_GHC_CONFIGURE_ARGS += -f-test-hunit -f-test-properties
>         endif
> Thanks for noticing! I uploaded a new haskell-lens package, let me know
> if I fixed the problem.

I don't think that will work because the file
/usr/lib/ghc/rts-1.0/libHSrts_thr.a seems to be present even on
architectures without threading, presumably as a stub:


I note that haskell-lens seems seems to have succeeded on


I would guess that's because of changes in ghc between 7.8.4-4 and
7.8.4-8 (bug #785194?) rather than because of what you did in

I'm a bit confused because I thought that doctests required dynamic
linking and dynamic linking is only available on amd64 and i386. One
of those thoughts must be wrong.

Anyway, we might have to resort to disabling tests on listed
architectures, in which case the ones to disable on arm64 would be
properties, hunit and doctests, which is 3 out of the 4, so it's not
great, but at least something is still being tested.


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