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Re: new dependencies for recent pandoc


looking into this it seems that the way forward towards getting the
latest pandoc into Debian, we should first upgrade gtk, shakespeare and
leksah. These three sets of packages require each other, but nothing

The list of changes is:

$ git diff master..new-leksah -U0|grep -v @
diff --git a/packages.txt b/packages.txt
index 483a383..b4f1530 100644
--- a/packages.txt
+++ b/packages.txt
-bluetile 0.6 binary
+bluetile 0.6 binary obsolete
-glade 0.12.1
+glade obsolete
-gtk2hs-buildtools binary
-gtkglext 0.12.1
-gtk-traymanager 0.1.3
+gstreamer obsolete
+gtk2hs-buildtools binary
+gtkglext 0.12.1 obsolete
+gtk-traymanager 0.1.5
+hamlet 1.2.0 # needs to be obsoleted
-leksah binary
+leksah binary
-libtagc 0.12.0
+libtagc 0.12.0 obsolete
-reform-hamlet 0.0.2
+reform-hamlet 0.0.3
-shakespeare-text 1.0.2
+shakespeare-css 1.1.0 # needs to be obsoleted
+shakespeare-i18n 1.1.0 # needs to be obsoleted
+shakespeare-js 1.3.0 # needs to be obsoleted
+shakespeare-text 1.1.0 # needs to be obsoleted
-svgcairo 0.12.1
+vado 0.0.1
+vcswrapper 0.1.0
-vte 0.12.1
-webkit 0.12.3
-yesod-markdown 0.8.5 group=new-binary
+yesod-markdown 0.9.2 group=new-binary

You will notice that there are a bunch of new packages, and a bunch of
obsoletions (gtk libraries, and bluetile). The latter is a bit
unfortunate, but it seems bluetile is unmaintained by now.

Should we go ahead with this? Or wait to hear from upstream about the
status of the gtk-related libraries? Or simply drop leksah, which is a
large beast... do we know if people even use the Debian packaging of it?


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