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Re: [Pkg-haskell-maintainers] new dependencies for recent pandoc


Am Montag, den 08.09.2014, 13:14 +0200 schrieb Jonas Smedegaard:
> These tightened dependencies really are needed, however:
>   zip-archive >= && < 0.3

This requires a newer binary than in GHC... which is ok until we have a
package depending on both ghc (the library) and binary. Let's hope that
doesn’t happen... Otherwise, this looks good, and can be done
independently from the rest.

>   texmath >= 0.8 && < 0.9
>   pandoc-types >= 1.12.4 && < 1.13
>   aeson >= && < 0.9
> ...and also these new dependencies apparently not yet in Debian:
>   haddock-library >= 1.1 && < 1.2
>   deepseq-generics >= 0.1 && < 0.2
> Any chance someone could update/package those?

Updating pandoc also requires updating gitit and hakyll; they luckily
have compatible versions.

The biggest problem is aeson: Uprading aeson requires upgrading
attoparsec which requires updating scientific, text, fb. Upgrading text
requires upgrading parsec, case-insensitive.

Furthermore, all of leksah needs to be upgraded (new attoparsec).

And finally there is yesod-markdown, where the first version compatible
with pandoc requires shakespeare-2.0, which is some work (four
shakespeare-* have been merged into shakespeare and we then need to
patch half a dozend packages to not include these dependencies)...

I had a look to see if leksah can be upgraded on its own, but it also
pulls in shakespeare-2.0... :-(

You could check if the aeson-dependency could be relaxed to allow for, then we could distangle these upgrades a bit.


PS: Who said that the “package whatever we like” policy is good?...

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