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Updating diagrams quest

Hello list,

So, I was about to package diagrams-qrcode for a personal project but in
order to use the last version (1.1) an update of diagrams packages is
necessary. I could patch diagrams-qrcode version 1.0.1 to make it work with
diagrams 0.7, the version in the archive, but I think this is a good
opportunity to sync some of our packages to their version on hackage.

In order to update the diagrams packages, according to test-packages.pl the
following updates are necessary:

aeson           [-]  {+}
diagrams-cairo  [-0.7-]      {+}
diagrams-core   [-]  {+}
diagrams-gtk    [-]  {+1.0.1+}
diagrams-lib    [-]  {+}
diagrams-svg    [-]  {+}
dual-tree       [-]  {+}
ekg             [-]  {+}
heist           [-] {+0.13.1+}
intervals       [-]  {+0.7+}
lens            [-3.10-]     {+4.1.2+}
lens-aeson      [-0.1.2-]    {+deprecated in favor of lens+}
pandoc-types    [-1.12.3-]   {+}
polyparse       [-1.7-]      {+1.9+}
snap            [-] {+}

Additionally, this will pull a new dependency:
  Additional dependency pulled in: JuicyPixels-3.1.5

Does anyone find a good reason not to update any of this packages? If not,
I'll (slowly) push the new package versions to our repository.

Raúl Benencia

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