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Re: Agda needs a patch

Seems like we did the same changes at the same time. Please upload your master branch.

Le 15. 10. 13 12:16, Iain Lane a écrit :
> What do you want to do?

I think we can only make guesses.

darcs log --to-patch="Support for Alex 3.1" --from-tag=
on Agda upstream is near a hundred or so. (I didn't count.)

alex is a preprocessor that generates .hs files from .x and .y ones. A change outside of these files is extremely unlikely to cause trouble with alex, so we can exclude a lot of patches : darcs log --to-patch="Support for Alex 3.1" --from-tag= src/full/Agda/Syntax/Parser/{Lexer.x,Parser.y}

Two patches left!

"Fixed issue 877." seems to be about imports in one of the preprocessed files, so I don't think a version bump of alex would break anything.

"Added the -fwarn-unused-imports warning." is a global import cleanup, so I think this version-bump is safe.


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