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Re: lamdabot


Am Montag, den 12.08.2013, 13:53 -0300 schrieb Raúl Benencia:
> I've finished testing all the plugins. In general, all of them seems to be
> working fine. The only ones that I couldn't make work are "check", "haddock"
> and "source". Djinn plugin is also broken, but it should work with the
> correct binary installed (which, I think, is not debian-packaged). In the
> wiki page[0] you will find comments on the errors.

Let’s see...

check: Does it work with mueval installed?

haddock: We already provide a well integrated haddock and hoogle
experience to our users; probably worth trying to get it to work from
within lambdabot by default. Maybe just a matter of changing some

source: Probably hard to set up well in the Debian packaging. Either
disable it completely, or patch it to give a helpful error message, if
the user can easily make it useful locally.

djinn, hoogle, bf, filter, unlambda, spell: Make sure these commands
fail with a helpful error message (e.g. "Could not find program foo;
please install the package foo to use this command"). These patches can
probably go upstream; or at least with a more generic message. Then put
the corresponding package into the Recommends: (if mostly useful, e.g.
djinn and hoogle) or into Suggests fields.

Is there a point in having the Social and the IRC plugins enabled in the
Debian package?


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