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Re: darcs: shelltestrunner: Initial Check-In


Am Sonntag, den 18.03.2012, 12:47 +0100 schrieb Iustin Pop:
> On Sun, Mar 18, 2012 at 11:43:47AM +0000, Iustin Pop wrote:
> > Sun Mar 18 11:38:01 UTC 2012  Iustin Pop <iustin@debian.org>
> >   * Initial Check-In
> >   Ignore-this: 84893d5b7da4cd2aac0e3cd49742bb74
> > 
> >     A ./changelog
> >     A ./compat
> >     A ./control
> >     A ./copyright
> >     A ./rules
> >     A ./shelltest.md
> >     A ./shelltestrunner.install
> >     A ./shelltestrunner.manpages
> >     A ./source/
> >     A ./source/format
> >     A ./watch
> Hi all,
> Can someone check my packaging for shelltestrunner? It's my first
> haskell package, and while the Haskell/CollabMaint docs are nice, I
> would very much appreciate someone making sure I didn't do some basic
> mistakes.
> If things look OK, I'll switch changelog to unstable and send it towards
> the NEW queue :)

Well, it is a binary, not a library, so somewhat different from most our
packages. Some comments:

Remove this comment:
# Make sure all dependencies listed in the cabal file are represented here,
# including their version bounds. It is sufficient to add the bounds to the
# -dev package only.

You chose the debian/*.install-way of installing the binary. There is
another way which I find cleaner, and which you can see in the
threadscope package; this uses cabal copy and will also work with
possible data files (but does not work so well if it is a

With more and more Haskell programs being packaged, we should really
move this functionality into hlibrary.mk, with some automatism such as
(for a Cabal package foo):
      * If there is a binary bar, and a binary package bar,
        install /usr/bin/bar in that package.
      * Otherwise, if there is a binary package foo,
        install /usr/bin/bar into foo.
      * Install data files into foo, if it exists, otherwise into
      * And all that somehow configurable via variables, e.g.
                PACKAGE_FOR_bar := foo-utils
                PACKAGE_FOR_DATA := foo-common
Any volunteers?


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