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Re: The importance of versioned build dependencies


Am Sonntag, den 04.12.2011, 10:13 +1100 schrieb Erik de Castro Lopo:
> > Maybe someone wants to write a lintian check for this?
> The main thing that stop me working on lintian is that its
> written in Perl, a language I can only just write and hardly
> read at all :-).
> Maybe a better place for this would be haskell-devscripts?

Which is implemented in bash; and making it depend on Haskell will not
please porters. But we could have a separate tool in our tools
repository, of course.

Ideally, we’d have a tool that parses the build dependencies, parses the
control file, find out what dependencies correspond to what Cabal
packages, updates the build dependencies in the control file, while
preserving whitespace, indentation and everything else, and is smart
about things like epoch in the version.

Maybe the augeas library can provide the nasty details?


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