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The importance of versioned build dependencies

Hi, especially Clint and Takaki,

I’d like to remind you of the importance of versioned
build-dependencies. The package haskell-attoparsec-text-,
created by clint, did not specify version constraints on attoparsec, so
after the upload of attoparsec-0.10, binNMUs were scheduled, but not


This holds up the migration, most of the yesod packages are now not

In this case, the problem is more severe. attoparsec-text depends on
attoparsec >=0.7 && <0.10. attoparsec-0.10 was just uploaded by Takaki.
No version of attoparsec-text supports attoparsec-0.10 yet. Besides the
fact that this set back the transition timer, usually one would have to
blame Takaki on this: If you upload a new version, it is your
responsibility to check it is within the version range of the depending
packages. It should be enough to check the Sources files for that. But
in this case, the package did not list the dependencies, and things go

I patched the version range in the .cabal file (it builds fine against
0.10) and uploaded the fixed package.

Please remember to make the build dependencies reflect the cabal

Maybe someone wants to write a lintian check for this?


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