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Re: Packaging Yi

Hi Masayuki,

Am Samstag, den 05.11.2011, 12:34 +0900 schrieb Masayuki Hatta:
> I'm now considering to debianize the Yi Editor
> (http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/Yi).  I know Yi is still in its
> early beta or maybe alpha stage, but already somewhat usable(I've been
> giving it a try every half a year or so and found it's steadily
> improving), and its concept is too fascinating to ignore ;-)

I agree that yi is interesting, but I wonder if we really should package
it for Debian until we know that it can be used properly. One indicator
would be if you used it as your main Haskell editor :-)

> I'm a DD, but I'm relatively new to Haskell and this will be my first
> Haskell-related package,  so I appreciate your help(or please let me
> know if someone's already working on it or packaging Yi is a bad idea
> in the first place ;-).  I have a very rough preliminary package, but
> I'm not filing ITP yet.
> There are several questions, but firstly, I would like to ask about
> Haskell package dependency on Debian.  I could build the current Yi
> (with some tweaks for alex 3), but it seems to depend the
> following Haskell packages which are not available in Debian sid yet:
> cautious-file-1.0
> concrete-typerep-0.1
> data-accessor-monads-fd-
> derive-2.4.2
> dyre-0.8.6
> executable-path-0.0.2
> fingertree-
> haskell-src-exts-1.10.2
> monas-fd-
> pointedlist-0.3.5
> rosezipper-0.1
> xdg-basedir-0.2.1

Some of them are already packaged, but not up-to-date. Of course they
can and should be upgraded, after checking that all already packaged
code will be compatible with the new version. The Build-Dependencies
are, if everybody does it correctly, sufficient to check that.

> Also, if we try to build Yi with Pango, then we need newer gtk2hs
> version >=0.13.5 (currently we have 0.13.4 in sid ).

No problem in upgrading gtk2hs either.

> I read most of Haskell pages on Debian Wiki, and from my
> understanding, the right way to put them in Debian is joining Alioth
> pkg-haskell project.  Is this correct?  And do I have to package them
> by myself?  Does anyone working on it?

Nobody is working on it, so if you want to see it happen soon, do it
yourself :-) We are always happy to have more people joining the DHG

http://lists.debian.org/debian-haskell/2011/10/msg00040.html is a recent
mail that outlines the current procedure of packaging Haskell libraries.


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