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Re: RFS: haskell-primitive & haskell-vector & some others


Am Donnerstag, den 01.09.2011, 19:46 +0100 schrieb Iulian Udrea:
> OK, here we go.

thanks for the preparation. I haven’t had the case before that a binNMU
has to be done in the course of a series of uploads. That slows down
things... I guess it’s ok to do a no-change source upload then.

> The following packages have been upgraded to their newest upstream
> version. I've also done some small changes to them like bumping
> dependencies and so forth.

> haskell-statistics - this depends on a (new) package called monad-par
> which I've just packaged. It can be found at
> vasks:/darcs/pkg-haskell/haskell-monad-par/

it also depends on aeson, which was forgotten in the control file.

> Packages that require binNMUs:
> haskell-cryptocipher 
> haskell-cprng-aes
> haskell-tls
> haskell-tls-extra
> haskell-blaze-textual
> haskell-aeson
> haskell-vty
> haskell-hledger-vty

You don’t have to collect the list manually, as the script figures them

> The above packages need to be uploaded/binNMUed in the following order:
> (new) haskell-monad-par
> haskell-primitive - upload
> haskell-vector - upload
> haskell-mwc-random - upload
> haskell-vector-algorithms - upload


> haskell-statistics - upload

see above. Will schedule binNMUs of aeson and crypto, then build and
upload statistics and criterion, then schedule the remaining binNMUs

> haskell-cryptocipher -binNMU
> haskell-vty - binNMU
> haskell-blaze-textual - binNMU
> haskell-criterion - upload
> haskell-cprng-aes - binNMU
> haskell-tls - binNMU
> haskell-tls-extra - binNMU
> haskell-aeson - binNMU
> haskell-hledger-vty - binNMU
> I hope I haven't missed anything. I will keep an eye out for these.

Thanks for your help, it’s very appreciated!


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