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Re: RFS: haskell-qt

Hi Joachim,

On Saturday, 28. May 2011. 21.39.35 Joachim Breitner wrote:
> thanks. Did you install the commit hooks (as mentioned on
> http://wiki.debian.org/Haskell/CollabMaint/DarcsBasic)? I think you have
> to run the commands on vasks now.

Nope, I get the strange error:

$ ssh alioth.debian.org /darcs/pkg-haskell/tools/add-hooks.sh haskell-qt
Permission denied (publickey).

Now I tried it on vasks.debian.org and got the same error, but it worked on 
darcs.debian.org, so now I have installed the hooks :)

> Also, its the first time I see the creation of a libhaskell-qt package
> for the C bits. What is the rationale for not putting the stuff in
> the-dev package? (I’m not doubting you here, I’m just curious :-)) Is it
> so that binaries created from haskell-qt need only libhaskell-qt
> installed, but not libghc-qt-dev?

libhaskell-qt supplies several .so libraries that are linked to all qtHaskell 
packages. Since currently there are no packages that depend on qtHaskell, the 
library is not needed by anyone except libghc-qt-dev, yet if some packages are 
to be built depending on qtHaskell, they'll need to depend on libhaskell-qt. I 
guess it is nicer to pull a ~3mb library package than the whole -dev only for 
a program to run. :)

> I’ll not find the time to completely review the package now, and will be
> busy tomorrow and probably Monday. Maybe someone else in the DHG can
> jump in, to not scare Filip away by long delays? :-)

I just updated the build system. I was looking into the supplied make files and 
figured out that by running them the package compiles 10-20 times faster. 
Probably because the setup.hs loads the whole library into memory and 
generally fills up the computer memory (at least on my laptop with 4 g ram). It 
took me about 12 hours to compile the package by using regular setup.hs, and 
by using the makefiles (that are invoked by build.pl script) it takes about an 
hour or less. If you believe running setup.hs is safer, it is easy to drop the 
build-ghc-stamp override from the rules file.

Best regards,

Filip Brcic <brcha@gna.org>
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