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Re: RFS: haskell-qt

On Wednesday, 25. May 2011. 9.49.34 Joachim Breitner wrote:
> we prefer to treat all haskell packages equally, e.g. having their
> debian directory in the Darcs repo unter the pkg-haskell alioth project.
> Have you considered joining the Debian Haskell Group to maintain
> haskell-qt? And do you plan to package more Haskell libraries? And what
> exactly do you need haskell-qt for, e.g. what package depends on it?

Surely I would maintain haskell-qt (or qtHaskell as it is originally called), 
and I would be glad to join the Debian Haskell Group. As for more libraries, I 
could package some more, but I didn't plan to for now.

I am not aware of packages that depend on qthaskell. Generally, I packaged 
qthaskell because I like qt and like haskell. :)

> And why is haskell-qt not on hackage?

I really have no idea. Possibly because it cannot be built only with cabal, 
one must first build the c-bits subpackage with qmake&&make and then the 
remainder of the package using cabal.

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