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Re: Some packages fail to build on amd64 with newer binutils (affects ghc6 and ghc)


On 21/03/2011 11:21, Iain Lane wrote:
> I came across a problem when uploading some rebuilds for Natty and
> discovered that it affects Debian too.
> I haven't had time to narrow down the testcase or determine how many
> packages are affected yet.
> Some packages fail to build with the following error. I think it's
> related to a newer binutils, as I found a similar OCaml bug[0] ([1]
> might be one to watch too).
>   /tmp/ghc3974_0/ghc3974_0.s:12674:0:
>      Error: .size expression does not evaluate to a constant

The build log attached is using ghc6. Maybe we should wait for all the
libraries to be compiled with GHC 7 and then try to understand if the
bug survived the compiler major version change (hoping it won't).

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