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Re: Mistake made with ghc upload...

On Sun, 27, Mar, 2011 at 10:06:54AM +0530, Joachim Breitner spoke thus..
> I guess the arch-any ghc6 packages are still in the archive, given that
> they are owned by a different source package. Maybe one work-around
> could be that ftp-master removes ghc6_7.0.2-7_all.deb,
> ghc6-doc_7.0.2-7_all.deb and ghc6-prof_7.0.2-7_all.deb from the archive,
> so that ghc will be built against the existing arch-any ghc6 packages. 
> Dear ftp-team: Is that something you could do for us?

I'm deeply unhappy with having to do this as it rewinds version history
in unstable.  However, given the situation you've landed in and after
some discussion with Phil Kern, I don't see any sane alternatives.  I
haven't removed ghc6-doc as for technical reasons that would have also
removed the .all deb from the older version.  If it hadn't been for the
fact that the any debs were still in the suite, this would have been a
considerably bigger pain...

You will need another sourceful upload as soon as you've got it built
and installed everywhere to reinstate these removed .all debs.


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