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Re: GMP 5 uploaded to Debian, -dev package changed

Hi Steve,

Am Sonntag, den 06.03.2011, 10:49 -0600 schrieb Steve M. Robbins:
> > Am Sonntag, den 06.03.2011, 09:17 -0600 schrieb Steve M. Robbins:
> > > OK, so I'll make an upload with libgmp10-dev providing both libgmp-dev
> > > and libgmp3-dev.
> Done: just uploaded gmp_5.0.1+dfsg-6.
> Good luck!  :-)

FYI, the change had the desired effects, builds are possible and
successful (at least wrt this issue). Nevertheless, the transition to
ghc-7 seems to be complicated, so it may take a little while until we
can remove the work-around.


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