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Re: GMP 5 uploaded to Debian, -dev package changed


> > You may continue to use versioned dev packages (libgmp10-dev and
> > 32/64-bit variants) if you wish.  Alternatively, these packages now
> > provide an unversioned libgmp-dev package that may be used instead.
> hmm, this causes problems for us now. The ghc6 package (or the ghc
> package where available) depends on libgmp3-dev, which is no longer
> available, it seems. Therefore, new versions of ghc, which build-depends
> on ghc|ghc6, can not be built by any buildd.

Well, I can honestly say I never expected this situation.  This must
be a nightmare to maintain.

> It seems we have to manually bootstrap ghc on each architecture, by
> building in a chroot where the old libgmp3-dev is available (to be able
> to install a previous ghc), and where the new libgmp-dev is available
> (to build against that). If that is not possible due to conflicts
> between these, things get even more complicated... 

The libgmp3-dev and libgmp10-dev packages contain an overlapping set
of headers, so it would be quite difficult to co-install them sensibly.
I'm not sure what to suggest.

> actually, this is getting all very complicated for us, since we have to
> maintain a compiler which needs itself to compile and which suddenly has
> become uninstallable. I???d be grateful if you could help us here.

I'm sorry that the dev package was versioned.  This must be something
that you deal with regularly, though, as packages evolve.  What do you
normally do?

> One solution seems to be if libgmp10-dev would provide libgmp3-dev, at
> least until we have built a new compiler depending on libgmp10-dev (or
> libgmp-dev) on all architectures. Would that be an option?

That's not a great option because "libgmp3-dev" promises the -dev
package strictly for libgmp3, whereas libgmp10-dev promises the -dev
package strictly for libgmp10.  I'm sorry that the dev package was
versioned to start with and as I indicated, an unversioned virtual
package is now provided.

Because "autobuilders don't like virtual packages" (?), I've been
asked to create an unversioned NON-virtual libgmp-dev that simply
depends on libgmp10-dev.  I will do that shortly.  I don't think
that's going to help you, though, since you still can't have
libgmp3-dev and libgmp-dev co-installed.

I'm really at a loss.


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